About Us

Learn English Academy

Our academy gives you the experience of learning and receiving a certificate while continuing with your daily life with ease.

There is need to wake up early or travel distances to reach a classroom. Here at Learn English Academy, we bring the classroom to the comfort of your home or office.


Learn English academy strives to provide students with a complete learning experience that fosters the development of language and communication skills through a total lifestyle approach to education. Our programs foster student learning with opportunities to develop, cultivate and improve language skills. Learn English academy is committed to delivering English language education, a student-centred service and support approach.


We want to welcome you to our academy

Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm

Learn English academy bases its operations around 6 core values:

• Conviction – Demonstrate conviction to our purpose and potential.
• Drive – Demonstrate drive through achievement and advancing together.
• Rigour – Demonstrate rigour in enhancing and constantly improving our professional reputation and credibility.
• Genuine – Demonstrate and implement a genuine approach in the way we behave and deliver.
• Respect – Demonstrate respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for individuals and the environment.
• Continuous Improvement – Demonstrate the ability to always improve and strive for success.