Restaurant English: Useful Expressions Used at a Restaurant:

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Learn useful restaurant English for waiters and waitresses, as well as common restaurant expressions. Making a reservation, being seated at the restaurant, ordering, dealing with problems, making food remarks, and receiving the bill are the six sections of the class.

Making a Reservation at a Restaurant in English


I would like to make a dinner reservation for two.

I need to make a dinner reservation.

We will need the reservation for Tuesday night.We will be coming to your restaurant on Tuesday night.

English for Restaurant Staff

We will have a table for you.

I can seat you at 7.30 on Tuesday, if you would kindly give me your name.

We don’t have anything available at 8.30. Is 7.30 OK?

I have a table for four available at 7.45, please just give me your name.


I booked a table for two for 7pm under the name of John Thomas.

A table for two, please.

May we sit at this table?

We have a dinner reservation for two at 7.30.

Our reservation is under the name of Thomas at 7.30 for two people.

English for Waiter/ Waitress

Of course. Please come this way.

Your table isn’t quite ready yet.

Would you like to wait in the bar?

We’re fully booked at the moment. Could you come back a bit later?

If you wait, there’ll be a table for you free in a minute.

Would you follow me, please?

If you would please be seated over in the waiting area, our hostess will be with you in a moment.

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