The goal of learning the English Language

Many may wonder about the purpose of learning English, and certainly everyone has their own orientations and goals of learning English, which are different from others. But in general there are a number of specific goals that are unanimous,, and as already stated that the goal of learning English may vary and may be similar from one person to another. Through this article  we will learn about the main objectives for  learning the English language.

Objectives of learning English for employment and current employees :

All government institutions and private companies are now prioritizing the terms and conditions of employment  requiring anyone applying for a position to be fluent in the English language. This means that anyone looking to be employed must start learning English early so that he/she is able to compete with other people applying for the same position and are fluent in English. Companies and institutions also base their promotion system on ones knowledge of the English language or a person’s proficiency in the English language, and therefore even if the employee is qualified for the job in certain areas, he or is required to make an effort in learning the English language to receive any promotion.

Objectives of learning English in the study:

English is one of the basic subjects and curriculums in all stages of the study, be it in elementary, primary, secondary, undergraduate and post graduate studies. Some may think that with the advancement of school, the importance of learning English becomes less important. However, learning English is equally important at all levels, because each stage is prepared for the next stage. On the other hand, learning English provides many opportunities for students, the most important of which are scholarships.

Objectives of learning English for travel purposes:

Another goal that learning English helps to achieve is travel. The goal is to have the ability to communicate with others while traveling. This is because English is a global language, which helps those who are able to communicate with the social environment while traveling, and helps him to understand the regulations, laws and instructions of the country to which he travels, without being embarrassed by his knowledge of their laws or custom.  One can learn through the English language to act as one of the indigenous people and this is what will bring him closer to the social environment he is travelling to . This will help make his or her vacation more comfortable and enjoyable.