Pricing & Fees

Learn English Academy offers a range of options to help students fund their studies when deciding to enrol in one of our nationally accredited programs.

Regular Plan

$ 1200

Three Months

  • The best way to improve daily English conversation skills
  • Direct lessons
  • Recorded lessons
  • Learning Basic grammar
  • Limited English language practice

Expanded Plan

$ 2200

Six Months

  • Practice basic speaking skills for learners who seek intensive development
  • Direct and recorded lessons
  • Learning grammar extensively
  • Learning conversation extensively
  • Weekly tests
  • Additional electronic library
  • Homework
  • Read and discuss an article
  • Learning and sharing culture
  • Weekly repeated tests
  • Lessons on jobs, and job interviews
  • Daily e-mail messages
  • Audio recordings

Main Plan

$ 3200

Nine Months

  • Practice English for learners who need more important topics to overcome their weaknesses
  • Direct and recorded lessons
  • Homework
  • Learning grammar extensively and intensively
  • Direct conversation learning
  • Private lessons
  • Grammar comprehensive lessons
  • Business men lessons
  • Weekly tests
  • Intensive electronic library
  • (3) daily email messages
  • Audio
  • Specialized private lessons
  • Conversation private lessons
  • Discussion of articles
  • (3) certificates

Golden Plan

$ 4400

One Year

  • Extended practice for learners who need to fluently speak English faster
  • Conversation private lessons
  • Direct and recorded lessons
  • English Language practice Course
  • 5 daily Letters
  • Entire electronic library
  • Business men lessons
  • IELTS and TOEFL lessons
  • Specialized lessons
  • writing articles
  • Preparation of private business
  • Weekly and daily tests
  • Discussion of articles
  • 4 certificates
  • weekly private lessons
  • Determine the type of work and focus on it
  • Learning and sharing culture
  • Fiction
  • Another culture

Registration Applications

Before starting your application, we recommend that you look through the course pages and ensure you are 100% committed to your chosen course before completing your online registration form and making your pre-payment.


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