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Mileva, I was born and raised in Arizona, US


, i am mileva I come from Arizona, US. I graduated from the Faculty of English language and literature twelve years ago. I have been working for over a decade as a dedicated and energetic English teacher to a large and diverse student population. I have been successfully instructing and motivating students to develop the knowledge and proficiencies necessary to produce significant achievement improvements as evidenced by test scores. I am said to be patient, well-organized and supportive.

I am said to be patient, well-organized and supportive. I love my job very much since it gives me the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures – which is an invaluable experience. I believe in a strong communication between a teacher and his students and encourage them to express their ideas verbally and through writing

I am always trying to create a classroom climate where students are engaged and challenged while feeling supported and secure. When my students ask me for the best advice on learning English, I always quote Richard Branson, “You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over“.

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