importance of the English language

To maintain your privacy with your knowledge of English:

 From the first moments of browsing the Internet and creating your e-mail, you will have to face an important issue of privacy, and because the source of information and the Internet is a foreign source, based on English, it would be good to know the privacy terms of each site because most sites set their terms in English and therefore English gives a person the ability to understand these conditions and determine whether they affect their privacy, as well as the skill to search for the best sites that are not intended to violate the privacy of individuals, the so-called “safe browsing” of the Internet.

Knowledge of English… a road to fame and global communication:

The “phenomenon” of recording videos / video  clips on various topics is spread on social media sites  about various topics : social, artistic, economic, political and entertainment. Many people have thousands or even tens of thousands of followers. Imagine if you are an English speaker. The content of your videos or publications will be translated to as many people as possible. The person will be able to interact with comments in English and communicate with native speakers around the world, with followers and people interested in their message. Just as a celebrities followers  do.

English and E-Commerce:

 The process of e-commerce has become a widespread phenomenon around the world, and there are many websites that work in the field of buying and selling through the Internet. Because the basis of this site and its source is a foreign source, knowledge of English becomes necessary to know how to best and best to use these sites correctly do not harm the user. Also, the process of trading money on these sites necessarily require knowledge of English because many of the options and boxes that appear in these sites are very accurate and cannot tolerate any error. In addition, you can have your own business on the Internet, and there is an increasing need for English, so that the site is controlled with all professionalism and professionalism… .!