How to improve your English language skills

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Take a few minutes after learning a new English word to memorise some sentences that contain it. This will help you a lot with dialogue and communication in the long term. It’s common for language learners to understand the meanings of words but fail to put them together in a whole phrase.


Even if you’re not a participant in the conversation, pay attention to what’s going on around you. You can improve your communication abilities by listening to native English speakers; you’ll pick up on body language, intonation, and accents. Allow the other person to speak without interrupting when you’re in a conversation, and maybe they’ll return the favour while you’re speaking.


Asking questions can help you improve your communication skills by demonstrating that you’re interested in the person you’re speaking with and what they’re saying. Asking questions is the most effective technique to keep a conversation going, and it will also benefit you by ensuring that you are not the one doing all of the talking. Here are a few examples that might be useful:

What do you think about that?

How about you?

Why do you think that?



Your body language frequently exposes more than you realise. You could pretend to be listening while your eyes are glued to your phone screen, or you might pretend to be ready for a debate while your arms are crossed. Making and keeping eye contact is also a significant giveaway; eye contact is a strong signal of confidence. Consider the messages your body sends off when you’re conversing with others, and you might notice a difference in how others see you.

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