Preparing for TOEFL & IELTS

Achieve Success in the TOEFL IBT & IELTS
You can practice and master the English Language skills through our preparation exercises, our professional teachers and our creative lessons.

We will help you overcome your weakness points in your language before passing your TOEFL exam.
Have you ever heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”?
Practice is the key to achieve high grades in TOEFL. And high grades are your key to convince the academic institutions in the whole wide world.
That’s why we present you a course in practice and preparation made specially to determine and improve the weakness points you have in reading, writing, listening or speaking in the English Language skills. Side to side and by reaching our schools that are winning prices all the time and our friendly teachers, you will get all the practices you need.
Accurate Reports You Need
For every practice or practice test you take, you will get a summary for the whole performance till you revise and evaluate your results in details.

Course Price

$ 60

Per Hour

Comparing your answers to our professionals’ answer, you will receive advice to get higher grades
And every time you study in a group class or a private one with our special trained teachers, you will get a report about your performance as well.
Our School Offers You More
As a winning price English Language Online School, we can provide you many more tests. We’ll even provide you Live courses with our professional teachers, creative lessons and support.
Joining our school is the perfect way to enhance your general English Language skills and self-confident before your TOEFL exam.
We provide you permanent language skills to use in and after the test.