English Course for Career Development

  • Learning a foreign language is an important thing in the human’s life that it gives the person new linguistics skills besides Giving them new educational skills. And learning a new language is an important thing for the lives of the nations, you will find out that many countries made their educational curriculum with a new foreign language in addition to the official language of the state, for instance the European Union teaches a second language as well as the official language spoken in the country.
  • Every person has a side of him that pushes him to work to achieve his goals and build his own future, and the accumulation of the positive humanitarian work in different aspects will present the leading wheel that pushes the life boat to the right way, so the English Language is very important not only to the architect , but to all the other jobs and specialties to open a wide field to look up to new inventions and designs …

Course Price

$ 50

Per Hour

The importance of learning English for the job:

  • Getting a good job: Maybe one of the most important things about learning foreign languages is getting a good job, that it will give you more chances in getting a job, especially if this language was good to your work field, plus, having this skill will give an impression on you that you’re a flexible, open minded person who loves communicating with the others and able to learn anything new.
  •  Improving the job: if you have your own business like an antique shop or anything else, then learning foreign languages will improve your ability to deal with foreign customers, that they will feel welcome and more comfortable with someone who understands their language.
  • Learning the English Language gives you opportunities to studying abroad or work offers where education language in broad and national universities will take someone who has high skills in English, moreover, the employers prefer people who are good and master the English Language more than people who do not have these skills.
  • So the Foreign Language is now needed from all companies and no doubt , when developing the English Language Skills will help you get the perfect job, so the great or multinational companies need an employee that has the ability to deal with everyone with no barriers in understanding among all employees.
  • Or when you work at companies for importing and exporting, companies need to deal with foreign countries, so that’s why the employee need to be skilled of the language, and for the importance of the English Language, the domestic Infotech Institute for Training presents you training courses in the English Language so whatever your level in English is, it’s determined by the determine level exam. As we also present training courses for the TOEFL and your training to get the grades you need.