English Tutor

Smilya and I come from New York.


my name is Smilya. I am from New York, I have a bachelor's degree in Media and Journalism.

My work experience is various- I have been teaching English to foreigners for 8 years; apart from that, I was working as a babysitter during my college days. Before signing up for college, I worked as an interviewer for several marketing companies.

In my opinion, the lesson style should be oriented towards students- which means there is no one single style in particular that I prefer. Some students need to work on their speaking, while for the others reading or writing might be a problem. My goal is to motivate students to talk and think in English, as much as possible. I speak two foreign languages- Russian and Spanish, so I understand how it may be difficult to study at times.
I also own a CELTA certificate (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), which is worldwide recognized.
I am looking forward to meet you soon in my class!

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