English Tutor

Nicole, and I come from New York


my name is Nicole , I am 28 years old and I am a professor of Chinese and English language and literature. I have been teaching English for more than 5 years now. I've been teaching both,kids and adults.( IELTS and TEFL exam preparations)

Since my students are coming from different parts of the world , I am also interested in their Native languages. Languages are my passion.
I love nature and hiking. Reading is my great passion too.

I have more than five years of experience and I am TEFL certified tutor, Bachelor's degree in Chinese and English language and literature.
Being an English tutor for more than 5 years of experience, I met many different students from all over the world. Students from different countries and backgrounds have some similarities but yet, we all learn in different ways. I am here to help you. I have been teaching kids and adults. I know that every student had some specific needs, and I am here to help you.
For kids, apart from lesson materials, we can use games ,flash cards or sing songs, to fulfil time in class and make learning fun.
For adults, I can be serious and friendly , whatever you think could be helpful for you and your learning style.
Thanks a lot and hope to see you soon.

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