English Tutor

Jack , I was born and raised in New Jersey , USA.


my name is Jack and I am from New Jersey USA. I finished International Management which is a major qualifies me to help you to learn how to speak and write in English. In my class we will have a lot of fun, but writing and conversation skills are priority you will be also able to learn English with business ,how to do meeting , presentations , how to write an email and all the skills that needed in order to reach a point where you can be confident and experienced.

Some things about myself, I am very friendly and easy to talk to. I was living around the world and I have a lot of different experiences, which for me doesn’t worth anything, if you don’t share it with people, here you will be able to learn how to communicate correctly while enjoying your time learning and interacting.

I would really like to share my knowledge with you. Here in learn English Academy, you will definitely learn how to speak and write like a native speaker.

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