English Tutor

Billie, I was born and raised in Florida, US


Billie and I come from Florida, US,I graduated from school of Professional Business Studies.

I have been teaching English online for the past 9 years. I taught students coming from a different ages, both children and adults ,I love teaching English and sharing my knowledge, that’s why I am here to make student’s English learning experience more useful, interesting and fun.

So far, I mostly worked with students from Asian countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China but working with Arabic students is my best experience so far mainly because of their politeness, hardworking attitude, respectfulness and hospitality.
My job here at Learn English Academy is not only to teaching English but it is also to encourage and support students to use it as well. Therefore, my motto is:
“To teach is to touch a life forever!”
Stay healthy and I hope I will see you in my classes.

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